Brexit is fast approaching and here at Will Barnes Ltd, the team have been busy behind the scenes ensuring our recruitment and training business still runs smoothly from 1st January 2021 when changes come into place.

We recruit and supply HGV drivers across the UK and so have been looking into the requirements for drivers when Brexit arrives and, although most of our drivers deliver throughout the UK only, we still have advice for those who will be travelling through the county to get to the EU.

The Kent Access Permit

From the 1st January 2021 hauliers will need to have the right transportation paperwork before they proceed to border points. Here in Kent, drivers of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes will require a Kent Access Permit (KAP) before they enter the county.

The Kent Access Permit is a certificate that drivers will need if they carry out international deliveries from the UK to Europe and aims to ensure that drivers have all the required documentation even before they enter Kent and cross to the EU.

The certificate will be issued digitally, and drivers will receive a ‘green’ or ‘amber’ result from the ‘Check an HGV is Ready to Cross the Border’ service, an online portal for the registration of goods movement.

No permit?

It is the responsibility of the driver, rather than the haulage firm, to gain a KAP and failure to do so will result in a £300 fine with multiple fines imposed if appropriate. Police and the DVSA enforcement officers will issue penalties to those travelling through the county to the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel without the permit.

More details about the permit can be found here.

New visa applications for workers
We also recruit and supply staff in roles ranging from Warehouse Workers to Forklift Operators and Van Drivers. From January 2021, in line with new Government regulations, the company will be ensuring that workers have the correct visa to work in the Country.

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens will need to provide a digital photo of their face using a smartphone app and for some routes will need to go to an overseas visa application centre to have their photo taken.

Non-EU citizens will continue to submit fingerprints and a photo at an overseas visa application centre.

There will also be a new points system in place for skilled workers, further details can be found here.

William Barnes, Company Director of Will Barnes Ltd, said “We have been completing extensive research to ensure that any Brexit changes that affect our business are applied. In line with the new Government regulations, we will be carrying out the relevant checks required for any candidates from outside the UK who seek work via our recruitment process.

“We champion HGV drivers who have played a crucial role during the pandemic, even making history when they delivered the COVID-19 vaccination to various locations after it arrived in the UK. They have kept thousands of deliveries moving so that households have still had food, medicine and other essential items. Virtually everything in our homes has at some point been delivered via haulage transport – from Amazon parcels delivered to your door to the bricks that built your extension during lockdown! So, we hope the advice we have given helps explain the Kent Access Permit process for HGV drivers passing through our county and makes their lives a little easier during these challenging times.”

William Barnes is passionate about his industry and if any owners of similar businesses need advice or guidance, he welcomes them to make contact and will share his insight.

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