With our five days of Christmas CPC special offer, you will be qualified in just five days.  We are offering five different courses from 27th-31st December 2020:
27th December 2020
Digital Tachograph and Drivers Hours (CRS14114/2282)
Attendees to have a working knowledge of the drivers hours regulations. To be aware of the EU Regulations and working time directive and their responsibilities for this. Receive a visual demonstration of analogue and digital tachograph operating process.

28th December 2020
Safe Systems of Work and Safe Loading (CRS14117/2282)
Trainees will be informed of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Be able to conduct a pre handling risk assessment. Recognise the physical damage poor listening may cause.

29th December 2020
Vehicle Defects Reporting and Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving Theory (CRS14116/2282)
Attendees will be introduced to the functions and purpose of DVSA. Be able to list all daily required vehicle checks, Receive instructions on defect reporting best practices.

30th December 2020
Emergency Aid and Health and Safety (CRS14115/2282)
Attendees will receive a detailed history of the HASAW Act of 1974. Have a working knowledge of employee rights in H&S. Be aware of the employee’s responsibilities to ensure H&S guidelines are adhered to at all times.

31st December 2020
Driver Behaviour, Customer Care and Company Image (CRS14113/2282)
Trainees will recognise the current UK driving licence. Correctly identify the categories defined on the UK driving licence and explain the information listed in each category. Comply with the London congestion and low emission zone regulations.

Cost: £125 (plus VAT) for five courses over five days from the 27th-31st December 2020
Register now: training@willbarnesltd.co.uk
Available online or at our COVID safe approved centre in Sittingbourne, Kent.